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Getting followers on a social media page is quite an easy task because this could be done by paying some amount; however, establishing your presence on social media is not as such easy as getting followers. This is an age of digital media, and people like to spend more hours scrolling down pages instead of eating, grooming, or traveling. Presence of a brand on social media is necessary because it allows you to connect with the customers directly. It provides the opportunity to connect with your consumers on a personal level.
In 1920, a renowned marketing enthusiast and business entrepreneur name John Wanamaker said that half the money he spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is he do not know which half.

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How important is Social Media Marketing for a business? Social media marketing is an engagement channel for users because it allows people to exchange, share their thoughts or information with the community. Business uses social media to connect with the customers, provide information about their products, services, set connections with fans and more. The best platforms for user engagement includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Social media is considered as the top opportunity for marketing because 72 percent of people rely on social media to get latest news about products and services.

Are you in search of the best social media marketing services to elevate your social presence? QA-SEO.com provides three main features for the users that elevate their presence on a digital platform for small and medium businesses.

Setup & Design

The first step is to establish an account and design your social media pages. QA-SEO.com handles all the things from start to end. We create and setup designs and post updates in a way that attracts your audience. We ensure that your social media page stands out from the competition with great design, accurate information, and a solid message.

Brand Promotion

To elevate your presence positively on social media brand promotion is essential. In brand promotion, we bring your brand to the forefront of your target audience. Converting the traffic into your customers to boost up sales is a challenge. QA-SEO.com knows how to develop the best strategy and how to execute a plan in a successful way that reaches the goals.

Social Account Management

There are lots of tools available to connect all the social platforms in one place, but proper utilization of social media tools is highly necessary to get the desired output. We use tools to increase traffic to your website and build relationship with your target audience.

Web Design

QA-SEO and R3 Design Studio have partnered to give our customers the best in Digital Marketing and Web/Mobile Application Development. R3 is an Atlanta web design and development company who offers services to a diverse group of clients across the country. The internet is recognized as being a source of advertising and revenue where large and small companies compete. A professionally designed website is the key to successfully presenting your products or services to prospective customers. Its sole purpose is to present your company, attract more visitors and let them know about your products and services. Ultimately, your website is also your tool to generate more business.

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Working with QA SEO has been a great experience. They cater to our need and requirements very efficiently and bring the most cost-effective and brilliant solutions to the table customized according to the business they are handling. Cooperating with them has been one big learning experience and the start of friendships with many different kind faces.