Boost SEO Rankings with These Top Title Tag Tips

Boost SEO Rankings with These Top Title Tag Tips

If you’re serious about your website ranking in search engines like Google, then you’ve got to make sure your page title tags are optimized for search results. In this article, we’ll discuss the top title tag tips. 

  1. Don’t Overdo SEO
    Yes, using your SEO keyword phrases is important, but stuffing them into your title tags could actually get you penalized by Google’s search engine. Search algorithms today look for keyword stuffing and frown upon it. If you want to enhance your SEO rankings with title tags, then you’ll want to be sure you aren’t overdoing your SEO keywords.

  2. Keep Title Tags the Right Length
    Keeping your title tags below about 60 characters is a good idea, but you also don’t want them to be too short. When enhancing SEO rankings with title tags, keeping your tags at somewhere around 60 characters is a good rule of thumb.

  3. Don’t Use All Caps
    Using all caps can actually eat up your character limit and cause your title tag to get cut off in search results, and it’s just unpleasant for visitors to read something in all caps. If you want to ensure that your title tags are helping boost your SEO rankings, then you’ll want to be sure to use normal grammar and avoid all caps.

  4. Look at the Numbers
    When you’re creating a title tag, consider using numbers. For instance, ‘Top Ten Things to Do in Cincinnati” might not be as appealing as “Top 10 Things to Do in Cincinnati”. Thanks to cognitive bias, which occurs naturally in our brains, we enjoy seeing numerals. In addition, including dates in your title tags in combination with your keyword phrases is a great way to boost your SEO rankings.

  5. Get Descriptive
    If you find that you’re using some words over and over again, then it might be a good idea to start using synonyms. You can easily look up synonyms to words such as “fast”, “friendly”, and “cost effective” online in seconds. These variations can help boost your title tags in SEO rankings and just appeal more to your visitors.

  6. Ask a Question
    Yes, you can use your title tag description to ask a question. This could be a great way to get someone to click on your description and come to your website to find an answer. This is a unique and engaging way to get the most out of your title tags in regards to SEO rankings.

  7. Show Action
    When you want to boost SEO rankings with title tags, sometimes one of the best elements is action. Using a call to action is a great way to give someone purpose and urge them to click your description. 

 When creating title tags, keep these tips in mind to help boost your SEO rankings!